Miami Board of Realtors and Cardinal Realty Group

Once you become a licensed realtor you can join the Miami Board of Realtors. This move can definitely help you on your way to success. It makes a lot of things easier and opens a lot of opportunities. 


Not all new real estate agents can afford a Miami Board of Realtors membership fee. You need to pay from $801 to $982 per year. The membership fee depends on the package that you choose. Luckily, you can avoid paying a Miami Board of Realtors membership fee if you turn to Cardinal Realty Group. 


Many brokerages out there allow you to join their team only if you are a member of the Miami Realtor Association. Unlike them, Cardinal Realty Group doesn’t have this requirement and you can join our team even without being a member of the Miami Board of Realtors. This is a great option for new real estate agents that are just starting out. 

So don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. 


Join Cardinal Realty Group today!

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Miami Realtor Association: Know the Benefits

However, if you join the Miami Board of Realtors you can enjoy some great benefits. Here are some of the most attractive perks that you can get if you become a member of the Miami Realtor Association. 


    1. You can get access to all the homes that are available in the market. If you are not a member of the Miami Board of Realtors, you can’t do it. In this case, you need to use third-party services like Zillow, which may be inconvenient in some cases. 
    2. Moreover, if you are a member of the Miami Board of Realtors, you can schedule client tours and open houses online. You can’t do this without a membership. 
    3. You get access to all the marketing tools that the Miami Realtor Association has. You can use them to list and sell more properties. 
    4. You can leverage support from NAR if you need it. 
    5. You get access to a great number of various programs and tools brought to by the Miami Realtor Association. You can access them from your cell phone. This can also boost your performance as a realtor. 


  • Miami Association of Realtors provides you with an opportunity to network with real estate agents from other geographic areas. 


  1. You can search and list properties in multiple locations in South Florida. 
  2. You can also get Supra electronic keys without any additional cost. 

As you can see, there are many great perks that you get from being a member of the Miami Realtor Association. That’s why we recommend you join both the Miami Board of Realtors and Cardinal Realty Group. Feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.

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Miami Board of Realtors: More Advanced Tools

Here are a couple more reasons why it can be a great decision to join the Miami Board of Realtors. They offer you advanced tools like Agent 3000 and ProxioPro. If you use them in the right way, they will help you become a more effective realtor in no time. Agent 3000 is a specially designed marketing solution that is available at no cost if you choose more advanced plans. 


ProxioPro gives you access to more than 2 million MLS listings all over the world. It is available in over 20 different languages. This is not an essential tool if you’d like to focus only on the Miami real estate market. However, if you have (or plan to have) international clients, this tool can be of great use.   

Can’t Afford Joining the Miami Realtor Association? Turn to Cardinal Realty Group First 

Miami Realtor Association is a great choice for all real estate agents in Miami. If you are just starting out and you are not sure you can afford to join it, feel free to turn to Cardinal Realty Group first. With us, you can make your first sales without a huge investment and get 100% of all the real estate commissions that you earn. 


Once you get your first sales and start making money being a part of the Cardinal Realty family, you will be able to join the Miami Realtor Association as well. 

Let us help you jumpstart a successful career as a realtor in Miami. Contact us today!

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