Broker Price Opinion

By accepting the Independent Contractor Agreement regarding conducting BPOs, agent acknowledge the clause underlined below. Associate agrees to turn any and all paperwork originated from conducting BPOs and the BPOs themselves into the office the day they are completed.


BROKER PRICE OPINIONS (BPOs) Associate agrees they are conducting BPOs at their own risk and it is not encouraged by The K Company Realty unless the Associate has been certified or trained by a state recognized institution for conducting Broker Price Opinions. Associate will indemnify and hold The K Company Realty, broker, its officers, directors and employees harmless from all claims, demands, suits, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees at all levels, of whatever nature and description to the extent based on Associate’s representations; acts; omissions; negligence; willful misconduct; or violation of laws, rules, regulations, codes of ethics, any and all claims from Associate conducting Broker Price Opinions (BPOs). All costs and obligations incurred by associate conducting his/her independent business and/or the practice of Broker Price Opinions shall be paid solely by the associate, who will hold Broker harmless from any and all costs and obligations.