Bored of your average real estate broker salary? Use Cardinal Realty Group. Beat the competition

With an exquisite office space in North Miami Beach, Cardinal aims to be the go-to option for all real estate agents around Miami. A game-changer behind many successful brokers, Cardinal offers membership privileges that helps bring the best out of your business. Stay ahead of the competition, with a higher real estate broker salary.

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Why go for Cardinal?

The answer is simple. At Cardinal, we look out for the best interests of our members. We strive to create something that our real estate member agent can cherish. Be it a harmonious community, an increase in salary or real-estate broker earnings we intend to give it back to you.

Would you like to earn more than the state average real estate broker salary? These are just few of the reasons why you should take a look at Cardinal:

  1. a)    100% commission split
  2. b)    Free access to the modern shared office space
  3. c)    Free headshot photography
  4. d)    Real estate listing photography
  5. e)    Monthly and annual payment options
  6. f)     Full-time support for growth and brand-building
  7. g)    Monthly leads.
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Growth in average pay for real estate broker: In Realty and Reality

Cardinal allows several membership packages and payment options.

1)     Simple

2)     Traditional

3)     Starter

4)     Professional

      Simple Membership

Ideal for the newcomers willing to try their hand in the world of real estate. You don’t pay anything to get started, except a transaction fee of $299 after the sale of each house. There is also a transaction fee of $99 on closing a rental deal between the owner and your client. These easy steps will provide you with an opportunity to get the desired real estate broker earnings

      Traditional Membership

The traditional package is also a free package from Cardinal featuring a split commission of 93/7. Ideal for those who look upon brokering real estate as a side job to supplement some extra income.

The transaction fee is $99 for any transaction.  the same as the simple package.

      Starter membership

The starter pack is the perfect opinion for professionals who have been in the industry. The sweet perk? Full commission to agents. You only pay a $99 transaction fee on each deal. The full commission translates to better profit margins and a higher income for an average real estate broker annual salary. Pay only $29 monthly.

      Professional membership

Made for licensed real estate agents who are looking to create an established brand. The plan offers 100% commission, plus several added benefits. Subscribe to the plan for $69 per month or $828 annually. Don’t worry about transaction fees here, because there are none.



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Increasing your real estate agent broker salary: Who is eligible?

For those worried about the entire experience – Cardinal provides you with a no-fee termination option available for  any plan. Another bonus- you can choose any membership option. Time to earn more than the real estate broker average income.

Finalize and close deals during this period- be it residential or commercial, without worrying about a fixed sale requirement.

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Focussing on brand-building instead of mere real estate broker salary?

Office Space

Love an aesthetic office space? It’s great for brand-building too. Cardinal helps you access a shared office space – the perfect place for your clients to meet. Secure deals from your workplace, along with free coffee and printing.


Spend a significant amount of time outside with prospective clients and visiting properties? Members at Cardinal receive assistance from a real estate brand-building guide. With social media templates and designs, creating an attractive brand profile is easier than ever.

Free photography

Attract clients and close more deals with a free professional headshot. Not to mention professional listing photographs for your clients at the discounted rate,  starting from $49. A small price to pay for the person earning an average real estate agent salary

Superior Support Systems

Cardinal Realty Group team offers a full-time support system to its members. Enjoy the company of your real estate community – a group of similar-minded people growing together.


Concerned about a shortage of leads? How about earning them while learning? The forward-thinking minds at Cardinal hold educational meetings twice a month. Earn 10 leads by the end of the month, simply by attending both the meets. Increase your earnings and  the average real estate agent salary the smart way. 


The days of waiting for the commission transfer are long over. Now, collect your income anytime, any place with e-checks.

Added Information

The Sign-Up Process

Simply choose the plan that serves you best. Read the additional terms. Fill-in some basic information. That’s it. You are all set. All it takes is 24 hours for your profile to be set up.

Cancellation or Membership Plan Change 

Cancel your subscription at any point if you aren’t happy.

Thinking about a membership plan change? Switch to other plans after 3 months.

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