100 commission real estate brokerages in Florida: how does this real estate model work?

Many aspiring real estate agents contact Cardinal asking how 100 commission real estate brokerages inFlorida really works. Given how a traditional broker works, people tend to expect a “catch” when hearing or reading about keeping their full percentage.

Yes, many companies have hidden fees to make up for their offered rates. However, that’s not always true; knowing how to find the best 100 commission real estate companies in Florida is vital.

If you want to learn how to choose the right 100 percent broker, read below.

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What are the benefits of working with 100 commission real estate Miami?

100 percent commission real estate companies seem self-explanatory. They are the best way to keep your real estate percent in Florida, Orlando, Fort Myers, and more. However, these companies have more benefits than what you might infer at first.

Better income

The first benefit of working with 100 commission real estate Miami or anywhere is keeping more of your money. If you sell a beautiful multi million house on the beach, surrounded by palm trees and breathtaking views, you keep 100 percent of your commission. That isn’t the common approach for most brokers, and working traditionally can hinder your income and your investments into your own business.

Considering the huge real estate market in Florida, maximizing your income can impact your life dramatically.

Better tools

The best 100 commission real estate companies in Florida give you more than just a better commission. Real estate requires branding, marketing, training, and more resources. The best companies make sure to cover those needs to help you and your business grow a lot more efficiently.

Strong team

One of the main problems with the common 100 percent broker in the market is their lack of support. As mentioned, most 100 commission real estate Florida companies believe their rates are enough. They leave agents on their own against the market, so they have to figure out everything by themselves.

However, a good 100 commission broker makes sure they build a team with all their agents. A strong team helps everyone improve their performance and quality, so you can earn more than just money.

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How to find a good 100 commission real estate broker Florida

Based on the benefits of working with a great 100 commission real estate broker Florida, we can turn them into criteria. If you want to avoid poor companies, you’ll need to follow a few guidelines when choosing your broker.

The most important consideration can’t be your commissions, though. You can find a 100 commission real estate broker Florida without too much effort. However, finding the best ones requires you to think beyond money.

Good plans

We need to consider the fees first. Many companies offer 100 percent commission while filling their plans with hidden fees. Thankfully, you can find companies with a monthly fee and nothing more. By paying around $70 monthly for zero transaction fees and 100 percent of your earnings, you can boost your income significantly.

Supportive environment

The best 100 commission real estate brokers in Florida offers more than numbers. Working with a team and collaborating will help you improve as a real estate agent. That usually translates into much better methods and returns. Some companies even create your own office space in FL for a better working environment.

Branding opportunities

A common problem with 100 percent commission real estate companies is that they require you to stick to their practices. In other words, you basically become a worker—that’s not what you want.

You need a broker that lets you build your own brand and work the way you feel comfortable. The best broker will even help you build your own brand.


Said help can be as big as offering you training and design tips and templates. The best 100 commission real estate companies in Florida will guide you while you learn the ropes. Resources like educational meetings, photography support, and more can make a huge difference for any real estate agent.


As you can see, finding 100 commission real estate Miami, or Florida in general, is excellent for your income. What really matters is that you don’t fall for mere numbers. The Cardinal Realty Group focuses on creating a positive working environment for all agents.

That’s why we believe the most important aspects of 100 percent commission real estate companies go beyond money.


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